The coat of arms of the former county of  Vasa. The coat of arms of the town of Nykarleby

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What else do you need? An attic room with a view
    to the south,
a birch, a rose hedge, a strawberry field,
a bending river, a rapid, a bridge, a river bank
and the church tower glowing in the morning sun.

The poem is Zacharias Topelius' (1818–1898)
description of the view from his childhood home
Kuddnäs just north of Nykarleby in Finland.
view and many others from the past you
can experience on this site.


Fredrik Liljeström
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Nykarleby, in the middle, Stockholm,
the capital of Sweden to the left and
Helsingfors (Helsinki), the capital of
Finland to the right.

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